Call us perfectionists, if you like. But when it comes to roofing that’s not a bad thing.

Photo of a roof constructed using safety nets provided by Waikato Safety Netz

Cooke Roofing’s director, Shaun Cooke, has been a roofer in the Waikato since 1994. Cooke Roofing has been in business since 2005, and in that time we’ve installed thousands of roofs, all over the greater Waikato.

Right from the start, Shaun had correct methods of roof installation and attention to detail drilled into him. And now that he’s the boss, he closely supervises all our staff to make sure that all the work is up to his very high standards.

Those standards have won us awards, including the Roofing Association of New Zealand’s Professionalism in Metal Tile Roof Installation Award in 2012.

Our approach is very simple: we want the roof on your house to be as good as the roof on ours. And if we wouldn’t accept it on our own home, you won’t find it on yours.

We don’t like things to be more difficult on your build than they have to be. You don’t need hassle, and you don’t need drama.

You’ll find that Cooke Roofing are the easiest roofers you’ve ever worked with.